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FlamLINE® Waterproof Expansion Joint

We have partnered with Soba Inter and are NZ’ exclusive supplier of their FlamLINE® product.

FlamLINE® is technological advancement in expansion joints replacing the technology of raised expansion joints of the last 50 years. FlamLINE has been specifically developed to waterproof expansion and control joints. FlamLINE® solves the dual problem of accommodating movement (and contraction) while at the same time maintaining water tightness. FlamLINE is developed to be installed at the waterproof membrane level, this provides for a non-obstructive joint, allowing free water drainage across the joint.

FlamLINE® is designed for use with Torched Modified Bitumen Membranes as well as Self Adhered Membranes. FlamLINE® can also be used with a two part epoxy on vertical surfaces or substrates such as metal, wood or plastic. FlamLINE® itself does NOT contain any asphalt.

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